Propolis Africa

What is Propolis even?

a Natural antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-bacterial elixir – brought to you straight from nature, that treats everything from throat infections to eczema.

Benefits, benefits, benefits

If you’ve ever used Propolis, you’ll know it’s the stuff of legends. It’s one of the best medicinal remedies, treating everything from candida and throat infections to cuts, scrapes, ulcers and bacterial ailments. We’re not saying it’s a miracle cure, but if you wanted to call it that, we doubt anybody would disagree.

To name a few, this product supports the health of:


Immune System

Heart Cells

Nervous System

Lung Cells

Reproductive System

Breast Cells

Prostate Cells

Quit pollen my leg.

We can put an email link or a phone number here, or just explain how the user can buy.

The Propolis Story

As with every great discovery, there’s a story behind how this sticky brown multi-purpose goop came to be. It starts with two passionate and creative inventors in the southernmost part of Africa. This is a place where nature provides, and the African Bee is a perfect example of a natural provider.

These creatures work as a team to create a powerful sealant that seals their hives and helps repair them – and plot twist, Co-Owner Ryno Barnes just happens to be a capable and passionate beekeeper with years of experience working in the family business.